Which lubricants to choose?

lubricant Bioglide

Nowadays, manufacturers offer a wide variety of gels and lubricants to help create the most comfortable conditions for intimate twinning. There are not only "normal" lubricants (silicone and water-based), but also special ones with warming or cooling effects. The online intimate goods store "Tev.Lv" and the intimate goods salons "LABI" offer a wide range of different lubricants so that every customer can choose the right one for them. Also, there is a unique offer for men - an effective and safe lubricant with a potency-enhancing effect!

Lubricants can be cooling or warming. In a variety of flavours and aromas (from raspberry and strawberry to exotic papaya and ylang-ylang).

Lubricants are sold in a variety of pack sizes, from single-use doses up to 1 litre for multiple uses.

Which lubricant is the best?

First you need to decide which lubricant base to choose. There are only three options:

  • Water based: advantages - this lubricant does not cause allergic reactions, is easy to wash off, has an excellent moisturising effect, is long-lasting and is recommended for use with latex;
  • Silicone based: advantages - interacts well with latex devices (including intimate toys), provides a high slip coefficient;
  • Oil based: almost unheard of anymore - because of the limited number of advantages compared to water and silicone based lubricants. Also remember that such lubricants (like massage oils) are not recommended for use with condoms!

Lubricants by type of use

The following lubricants are distinguished by their application:

  • for oral sex (main characteristic: pleasant taste and smell);
  • for vaginal sex;
  • for anal sex (provides a gliding effect, relaxes the muscles of the anus, bactericidal);
  • arousal lubricants (sometimes such products can replace potency products as they can increase libido);
  • for prolonged sexual intercourse (the main purpose is to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse);