Vibrators for couples

Couple’s vibrators for spicing up your love making experience

A couple’s vibrator stimulates both partners at the same time with its rhythmic stimulation and encourages them to try out new positions. A couple vibrator is very flexible, which means it adapts well to any body shape. This toy has smooth surface. Its first arm has to be inserted in woman’s vagina and its second arm has to be placed on the woman’s clitoris. Let your imagination run wild and surrender to the exciting vibrations of sex toys in this category.

When you had been with your partner for a while, certain monotony may have crept into your sex life. You feel like trying something new because You already know each other’s bodies by heart. This situation is asking for adult novelty sex toys that are great way to spice up couple’s sex life and reignite the intense feeling of your first encounter. With vibrating pleasure devices for couples, you can experience exiting, pleasurable, tingling moments that you can share with each other and return to having a lot of fun together!

Vibrators for couples are not just vibrating satisfying devices. Magical sex adventures and breathtaking orgasms await you and couple’s vibrators are the key to that experience!

The right couple’s vibrator for every taste

Vibrators for couples are presented in different shapes and colors. A couple’s vibrator usually has different levels of vibration that can be controlled directly on the vibrator. There are also models with wireless remote control or an Application in your smartphone.

Lubricate for even more fun

Ii is recommended to use partner vibrator with the help of lubricant as it allows easier insertion and ensures pleasant feelings during lovemaking as it and can prevent pain. It is paramount to use water-based lubricant with couple’s sex toys that are made from body-safe silicone as it ensures that sensitive silicone is not damaged! There are many tested, high-quality products in our store intimate goods assortment each of which can enhance your sex life.

After use, the couple’s vibrator should be cleaned with mild soap and a toy cleaner.

The online store offers you to buy vibrators for couples and other intimate products.

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Massager device Aphrovibe (0234)

Exclusive vibrator for couples - for use during sex. The vibrator's special C-shape simultaneously stimulates the woman's clitoris and G-spot, as well as allowing the man to enjoy the intense vibrations. Made of velvety silicone. The device has 10 vibration modes.
€88.00 €76.00

Vibrator for pairs We-Vibe Chorus (0115) v1

Exclusive vibrator for couples: the We-Vibe Chorus. Vibrator for use during sex. The special C-shape of the vibrator simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot of the woman, and allows the man to enjoy a large vibration. Made of velvety silicone and waterproof. The device can be controlled with a modern mobile phone app or remote control. Rinse the device with warm soapy water before and after use.

Vibrator for pairs We-Vibe Smile (1070)

Exclusive vibrator for couples: We-vibe Smile. The vibrator is worn during lovemaking. Storage container and wireless charger. 7 ways to vibrate. Safe silicone. Waterproof.

Couples vibrator LELO Tiani Harmony (0319) aqua

INTIMACY REDEFINED Follow your intuition and lose yourself in moments of shared pleasure with TIANI™ Harmony app-controlled vibrator for couples. It features two motors that bring arousal to both partners, leading to a most intimate common goal - a harmonious orgasm. The plan is simple - adjust TIANI™ Harmony, so both of you feel the vibrations and let the passion work its magic. Once comfortable, use the app to unleash the extra vibration patterns and reshape your daily routine into an orgasmic spectacle for two.
€149.00 €89.40

Couples vibrator LELO Tiani Duo (0329) black

INTIMATE BOND If you and your partner are looking to connect on a deeper level, both physical and emotional, TIANI™ DUO is the perfect couples' vibrator for you. Innovatively powered by two motors, it allows you to explore a wide range of vibrating patterns, following both your and your partner's anatomies. It also features a wireless remote that interacts with TIANI™ DUO via hand movement - empowering you to come victorious in a harmonious mutual orgasm.
€179.00 €107.40