Vaginal and anal balls


The balls are designed especially for women who appreciate their sexuality.

First the balls are inserted into the vagina and then, as the woman moves, the shifting centres of gravity of the balls move and give unforgettable moments of pleasure. 

As they are invisibly inside, they gently massage, creating vibrations with their movements, which in turn make the muscles work, providing a comfortable workout that suits any rhythm of the day. These exercises are not only very beneficial for women's health, but also help to develop and enhance the sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the body!


Anal beads for moments of intense pleasure

Anal beads are like anal dildos and are designed to stimulate your erogenous anal area. They consist of a string of beads connected together with a ribbon or string. There are different types of anal beads and they vary in girth, length, material and flexibility. Anal beads give pleasure to both men and women and can also be used during foreplay or sex with a partner.

Anal beads - for special satisfaction

Anal beads are basically the same as any other anal toy - it's just a matter of choice. Anal beads are very soft and flexible, and some can also be very long. They can be large, small, round or oval. The length of the connecting cord between the beads depends on the size of the anal beads.

There is also usually a handle or strap at the end of the string to prevent the anal beads from disappearing completely. You can use the handle or strap to slowly pull the beads out, which is also very satisfying.

How to use anal beads

We recommend taking an anal shower before using anal toys, as hygiene is of utmost importance when enjoying passionate anal sex. Not only does anal douching provide hygienic fun, but it can also be very stimulating. We recommend that you clean the toy immediately after use to keep it clean and hygienic so that you can get the most out of your toy. As the toys are of high quality - it is recommended to clean them with warm soapy water and don't forget to use a disinfectant toy cleaner regularly. Beginners should start with short, flexible models as the anal muscles need to get used to this new form of pleasure. It is also very important to use a lubricant, as this will make insertion and extremely pleasurable removal of the beads easier. Experts can choose any toy from our range. If you plan to wear stimulating anal beads all day, we recommend shorter models as they are more comfortable. Browse our catalogue and find the right sex toy for you to experience unforgettable orgasms.

Internet intimate goods store intimate offers: vaginal balls (vaginal balls, vaginal balls or love balls) and anal doughnuts!

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Anālās bumbiņas Malesation 2-in-1 male fun (0343)

Anālo bumbiņu virtene no silikona. Virtenes garums 42,8 cm.

Anālās bumbiņas A toys vibro anal beads (1212)

Anālo bumbiņu virtene no silikona. Virtenes garums 25,2 cm, bumbiņu diametrs 2-3,5 cm.
€23.00 €12.00

Anālās bumbiņas Anal fantasy collection deluxe vibro balls (1220) black

Bumbiņu diametrs 3,2cm.
€30.00 €19.00

Anal balls Black mont (0251)

Silicone anal ball string. Length 33 cm.

Anal balls Black mont (0264)

Silicone anal ball string. Length 30 cm.

Anal balls Funky butt beads (1229) pink

Anal balls from the Toy Joy series. Length: 23 cm, diameter: 3 cm.
€14.50 €10.00

Anal balls Heavy metal (0424) Anal beads

Slim, smooth balls for anal play. Made of metal, heavy, strung on a string with a comfortable ring at the end. Easy to care for, diameter 1,5 cm.

Anal balls Malesation anal balls (1220) black

Anal ball string (three balls). Length of string 19cm, diameter of balls 2,4-3,2cm. Made of silicone.
€30.00 €19.00

Anal balls Silicone anal balls (1220) black

Anal balls made of silicone. Diameter 3cm.
€30.00 €19.00

Anal balls string (1229) Anal beads m-size v1

Anal ball string. Length: 23,2 cm, ball diameter: 2,7 cm.
€14.50 €10.00

Anal ball string (1229) Bendy twist

Anal balls. String length: 22,5 cm.
€14.50 €10.00

Bumbiņas Black velvet balls (1104) black

Vaginal ball string made of silicone. Diameter 3,6 cm.
€17.50 €11.00