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The vibrator was invented by a doctor to treat women for hysteria in the Victorian era (medical orgasms were to be performed by a clitoral stimulating massage). These early mechanical devices were much larger and more powerful than modern vibrators, and they were originally used by doctors for medical purposes to make their daily work easier.

The devices spread when they began to be placed in saunas in Europe and the United States in the early twentieth century. Smaller, power-operated versions later appeared temporarily in the "medical aids" section of department store catalogs.


Today's automated erotic stimulation devices differ from vibrators in that they not only stimulate penetration, but also induce impulses.

There are several types of sex machines. They primarily differ in design, workmanship, product size and the variety of compatible tips.

However, after analyzing the results of the market research, we have chosen and offer you one of the most compact and most versatile models, of the products that are currently on the market.

The characteristics of the proposed sex machine exceed the technical parameters of similar products of other manufacturers (not to mention the fakes, which in many essential parameters lag behind or even do not reach the declared characteristics).

By adjusting the power of your device, your erotic sexual experience becomes perfect.

Find the most comfortable position, close your eyes and enjoy a great pleasure that will take you (and more than once) to the peak of pleasure.


A sex machine can help any woman solve the problem caused by the absence of a man in her life!

In addition, men can automate the rest with a sex machine! A nozzle that simulates a vagina is offered for this purpose.

Using the device allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. Your rest does not depend on your partner, because the device obeys only your desires and fulfills them, as the control panel settings change. In addition, the angle and frequency of the thrusts can be adjusted (changed) as you like, exactly when you want!

Of course, different nozzles provide different sensations.

Thanks to the flexible design, you can perfectly adjust (your new) automatic sex machine.


The automatic sex machine offers everything you need.

The device has a metal attachment on the front to match the different nozzles.

Attached to it is a high-quality dildo (dildo, dildo) or artificial vagina (artificial vagina) simulator, which provides you with perfect stimulation.

Dildo is designed so that the shape of the tip and surface structure mimic a natural male penis.

The artificial vagina is designed so that its shape and internal structure mimic a woman's natural vagina.

Thanks to the quick movements of this exquisite product, you can prolong wonderful moments to hours of pleasure!

The device creates unprecedented moments of pleasure that are achieved - over and over again - for hours!


Beware of fakes! Unfortunately, as in many other fields, there is no shortage of counterfeit goods in this industry.

We recommend ordering sex machines from us because we guarantee that they meet the specified parameters. We are confident in the authenticity of the devices because we buy them from the manufacturer!


Buying from us you get:

  • 100% original device
  • 100% compatible tips
  • warranty in Latvia
  • Opportunity to get your device by yourself in Riga
  • Opportunity to get a device by courier in Riga
  • Opportunity to receive the device in any post office in Latvia
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Seksa mašīna modelis 2023 Sex machine (0311) melna

Pamata komplektācija - iegādājoties seksa mašīnu Jūs iegūstat: -- pašu ierīci: seksa mašīnu -- 6 uzgaļus: 3 silikona dildo, 2 želejveidīgus dildo un vienu vagīnas imitatoru; -- bezvadu vadības pulti un barošanas bloku ar Eiropas tipa kontaktdakšu; -- neitrālu kartona kasti (bez marķējuma), kurā ir ieteicams uzglabāt ierīci starp tās izmantošanas reizēm