Rules for the correct use of intimate products

When you receive the item:

  • Gently remove it from the shipping packaging;
  • Carefully open the original packaging of the product - so that it is not damaged (deformed, torn) and is complete (no enclosed instructions, batteries or talc);
  • If the appliance has a protective film, you must first test the operability of the product (modes, speeds, programmes) by holding it in your hand without removing the protective film.

The following are prohibited during use:

  • Vibrators, phallus simulators and strap-on devices should not be bent at aggressive angles;
  • Bending is reserved for specific models (marked 'sophisticated spine allows maximum flexibility') and even then should be done carefully and slowly, following the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Do not connect battery contacts to metal objects;
  • Do not use different types of batteries or old (previously used) and new batteries at the same time.

Instructions for care:

  • Be careful when washing and cleaning vibrators - water can damage the electric motor and batteries;
  • Wash the device in warm soapy water before and after use and allow to dry (do not use towels or paper towels to dry);
  • If talc is included, it is designed to care for the product before placing it in storage. After using and washing the item in soapy water, wait for it to dry and treat it with talc;
  • Store the appliances in their original packaging or, if a storage bag is included, in the bag. Do not store several appliances in one package as the materials may react with each other;
  • Always remove the batteries from the device after use;
  • The motor of the appliance may become warm during use - allow the appliance to cool down before storing;
  • Batteries must be inserted into the device according to the polarisation scheme on the device or in the device's instructions;
  • Use only the batteries indicated on the device or in its instructions.