Prostate stimulators

Sexual stimulation by prostate massage!

A prostate massage can be sexually stimulating for some and is a common practice among men who have sex with men. In order to minimize the risk of injury while trying a prostate massage or any type of anal sex – it is recommended to use plenty of lubrication!
There are also different kinds of sex accessories designed specifically for prostate stimulation. If you decide to use one, be patient, use lots of lubrication and make sure the product is safe and won’t get stuck in your rectum. The bottom line with prostate massages is that it’s not an effective treatment for prostate problems or pelvic pain. Using it with a consenting partner during sex is OK, but don’t rely on it as a medical therapy.

Prostate stimulation – where to begin?

Prostate stimulation has become quite popular over the last couple of years. Lots of men are curious about prostate stimulation and the indescribable orgasms that they can have with this type of stimulation. Prostate dildos are made out of skin-friendly, phthalate free silicone. Prostate dildos, unlike regular anal dildos and butt plugs, are in an L-shape so that they can provide spot-on prostate stimulation.

This man’s erogenous zone is very sensitive and can be compared to a woman’s G-spot. It lies between the bladder and rectum: approximately 5 – 7 cm above the anus entrance. The end of a prostate dildo is a bit thicker, so that the dildo can’t be fully inserted (in order to be easily handled and not to be stuck inside your rectum). Prostate plugs and dildos are perfect for beginners because they aren’t too big and can therefore slowly and gently stretch the anus over time.

There are all sorts of prostate stimulators, butt plugs and dildos with different physical parameters (lengths, diameter, form and color). We recommend starting off with a butt plug to see how sensitive the anus is and to also slowly stretch the anus before you start using other kinds of anal toys. Plenty of lubricant should be used when inserting a toy. Over time you will get used to the feeling and then you will be able to enjoy this type of stimulation to the fullest. There are also toys that can stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously if you’re looking for even more pleasure.

Prostate dildos – for intense stimulation and intense moments of pleasure!

Prostate dildos are anal dildos that are a special shape and are therefore perfect for stimulating the prostate. Lots of men find prostate stimulation very pleasurable and their partners will definitely enjoy his extremely hard penis. Prostate dildos are perfect for anyone who has already had an internal or external prostate massage and would like to try something new and exciting. However, a prostate dildo can also be a great middle ground if your partner isn’t that keen on giving you a prostate massage. Prostate dildos help you have unbelievable orgasms that provide intense pleasure and can be used for masturbating or used with a partner during foreplay or sex.

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Beginners prostate stimulator (1212)

Prostatas masāžai un stimulēšanai. Īpašas formas prostatas masētājs ideālam kontaktam. Var droši izmantot ūdenī. Izgatavots no silikona. Garums 8,9 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm.
€23.00 €14.00

Dildo Bottoms up (0092) P spot rocker

Prostate stimulator.

Falls Backdoor collection (0491) melns

Falla imitators no silikona, anālais. Izmēri - garums 10 cm.
€15.80 €10.00

Falls Backdoor collection (0491) sarkans

Falla imitators no silikona, anālais. Izmēri - garums 10 cm.
€15.80 €10.00

Falls Bulbed intruder (1242) melns

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs Prostate Probe. Daudzfunkcionāls anālais zizlis. Izgatavots no silikona.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls ClassiX Prostate Stimulator (1242) rozā

Anatomiski pielāgots prostatas stimulators. Izmēri - garums 14 cm, diametrs 1-3 cm. Ūdensdrošs.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls Curved prostate probe (1242) melns

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls Edgar (1242)

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs. Garums 11,5 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls Malesation ultra p-spot massager (1242) melns

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs. Izgatavots no silikona.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls Power escorts prostate pleaser (1242) melns

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs. Izgatavots no silikona. Garums 12 cm, diametrs 2,2 cm.
€23.00 €16.00

Falls Prostate exerciser (0215)

Lokans un elastīgs prostatas masētājs. Daudzfunkcionāls anālais zizlis. Garums 10 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm.

Dildo Prostate Inspirer (0491) Malesation

Anal and prostate stimulator. Length 9 cm, diameter 1,2-2 cm.
€15.80 €10.00