Mini vibrators

Mini vibrators – the discreet everyday companion that no one can see!

Mini vibrators are characterized by their discretion, performance, and diversity. They fit in every handbag and are your ideal companion on the go. A big penis-shaped vibrator is not necessarily everyone's dream and especially women with only little experience regarding sex toys like mini vibrators best.

Mini vibrators leave nothing to be desired because of their various designs to suit different tastes!

Mini vibrators are in no way inferior to their big brothers. They come in varying designs and sizes. Whether they are smooth, nubby, or grooved – even small vibrators offer something for every taste. Most models have several levels of vibration intensity that can be adjusted as you like. And even the motor of these models is anything but small. The powerful motor is either battery-powered or can be recharged via USB. It is less noisy than the motor of big models in order to give you intense moments of pleasure quite discreetly. Mini vibrators are mostly made of silicone and come in various colors. There are even models that look like a lipstick and therefore do not attract any attention. Despite their small and handy design these little companions give you appealing stimulation that no one will notice.

Even for couples – a real pleasure of being with someone

The mini vibrator is not only ideally suited for pleasures on the go but can of course also be used in the bedroom. Not only women have fun with it but also men like to play with a mini vibrator thanks to its diversity. It stimulates not only the clitoris but can also be laid on other erogenous zones like nipples to trigger appealing feelings. There are some models that can be handled using a remote control or even your smartphone. This function is especially likable for many couples as the partner can decide when you are allowed to devote yourself to your lust.

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Vibrators Lipstick (0250)

Neliels vibrators. 10 režimi. USB kabelis.

Vibrators Maxwell (0102)

Neliels vibrators pirkstam. Vibrators garums 5,2 cm. Darbojas no 3 LR41 baterijam.

Vibrators Power bullet (0209)

Neliels vibrators. Izmēri - garums 5 cm, diametrs 1,5 cm. Trīs ātrumi.

Vibrators Pretty love Dana (0136)

Neliels vibrators. Izmēri - garums 10 cm, diametrs 2 cm. Desmit ātrumi.

Vibrators 7 speed RO-80mm (0206) rozā

Mazais vibrators klitoram vai krūšu galiem. Izgatavots no silikona un ABS. Izmēri - garums 8 cm, platums 1,5 cm. Septiņas programmas.

Vibrator Adoravibe Lily (0206) violet

Small vibrator for clitoris or nipples. Made of silicone and ABS. Dimensions: length: 11 cm, width: 2,5 cm. Ten programs.
€24.40 €16.00

Vibrator Classics G-point vibrator (0209) violet

A small vibrator. Created specially for G-point stimulation! Dimensions - length: 11,8 cm, diameter: 2,5 cm.
€14.50 €10.00

Vibrators Deft (0096)

Neliels vibrators (garums 12,5 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm). 10 programmas.

Vibrators Funky splash bullet (0224) rozā

Vibroola ar spēcīgu motoru, bet klusu darbību. Izmēri - garums 4,5 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm. Ierīce ir ūdensdroša, izgatavota no platmasas ar gludu pārklājumu.
€27.50 €21.50

Vibrator Gyrating motion Juzy (0224) black

A vibrating egg with a powerful motor but quiet operation. Dimensions - length: 5 cm, diameter: 3 cm. Made of plastic with smooth coating.
€27.50 €12.00

Vibrator Gyrating motion Juzy (0224) violet

A vibrating egg with a powerful motor but quiet operation. Dimensions - length: 6 cm, diameter: 4 cm. Made of plastic with smooth coating.
€27.50 €12.00

Vibrators iCome (0224)

Vibroola ar spēcīgu motoru, bet klusu darbību. Pieci režīmi.
€27.50 €20.50