Masturbators (vaginas, anuses and mouths)

Masturbators or sex imitators

Masturbators are seen as the counterpart to dildos and vibrators. A masturbator is an artificial vagina made of silicone, rubber or TPE that adds fun, variety and more satisfaction to the self-stimulation of those with penises. The material is stretchy and adjusts to the ambient temperature, recreating a particularly realistic feeling.

Of course, masturbators are also perfect for being incorporated into lovemaking with your partner and can add new oomph to your sex life. Masturbators open up a number of possibilities for men.

There are numerous variants available. From the handy pocket pussy, which can be transported discreetly and inconspicuously when needed, to a practical torso masturbator in doggy position, to masturbators with plump double D breasts, there is something for every type! Depending on your mood, you can have both anal and vaginal sex fun with many variants.

The outer and inner material is deceptively similar to the female body in terms of skin tone and texture. Depending on the model, the inner structure of products is equipped with a heat function, vibration function and suction function, which guarantees fabulous play pleasure. Penetrate the pleasure channel and enjoy lifelike, intense friction, materials that are true to the feel and fabulous orgasms.

Handy pocket pussy or practical torso masturbator?

Whether you should opt for a pocket pussy or a torso masturbator depends on the intended use and the desired type of use. If you always want to have your device at hand and also want to take it with you on trips, it is advisable to choose a smaller model in pocket pussy format. This can also be quickly stowed away and, if necessary, transported discreetly and inconspicuously. If you don't want your partner to know about your good toy, a small masturbator is easier to protect from prying eyes than the larger versions. And there are also some breathtaking specials for these little lucky charms.

But the large-format masturbators are also really fun and even more lifelike than the small models. The pleasure channel is just as sensitive and of the same high quality as the small formats. However, these torso masturbators have the decisive advantage that you don't have to do anything yourself and thus have even more possibilities to feel an even more realistic experience. The hands can caress the lush curves of the buttocks, grasp the hips for rhythmic thrusts or, depending on the model, knead the plump breasts. The Fanta Flesh material, which mimics the skin, makes you feel like you're in the middle of it instead of just being there!

Buying a masturbator – what do I have to consider?

Masturbators have a realistic or discreet look, depending on your preference. The realistic models replicate a vagina and anus down to the last detail. A step up from these compact designs is the replica of a woman's torso. The soft material and the image of the breasts will seduce you to hot moments of pleasure. Some masturbators recreate oral sex by using a pump to make the sucking sensation seem deceptively real. Discreet masturbators are disguised as a can, tube, egg shape or, as with Fleshlights, a torch.

Some people prefer masturbators with structures that have grooves, nubs or small bumps inside to enhance the real feeling. Which masturbator suits which type and gives the most pleasure cannot be said in general terms. The tighter the masturbator, the more intense the sensation. In the beginning, however, we recommend starting with a normal diameter to get a feel for the width of the penis and your own preferences. The use of a lubricant makes it easier for the penis to penetrate and increases the pleasure and fun of the sex toy.

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