How to choose sexy lingerie?

There are members of the beautiful sex who don't buy things like sexy lingerie because they think their Erotic linegriefigure is unattractive; other girls are shy about buying such accessories because they don't want to go to an intimate goods shop. However, we know from experience that erotic lingerie can be bought in many different ways and that there is a suitable model for every figure. There are various factors to consider when choosing such things.


Women who don't like their figure tend not to choose sexy underwear. They believe that sexy lingerie only suits slim and young girls. Today, there is a wide range of products in the shops, so every woman can choose the accessories that will enhance her figure and hide her flaws.

For example, corpulent women may prefer a lace bra with a pretty top or a bust-enhancing bra. Such a bra works very well when underwear is worn under tight-fitting dresses. This bra model makes the waist look slimmer and hides the tummy, accentuating the curves of the figure.

For slim girls, it is better to buy push-up underwear. This bra, together with a thong, makes the figure more desirable. Together with a deep cleavage, a push-up bra creates a stunning effect. If a woman has beautiful breasts, it is better to prefer bras with a deep cleavage. You can find various models of such underwear in the online shop "Tev.Lv".


There is a huge variety of sexy lingerie at the moment. When you look for lingerie in the "Tev.Lv" internet intimate goods shop, you can find cream, brown and even purple models. However, the classic colours of erotic lingerie are red and black. Red is the colour of passion, while black is universal because it goes with any outfit and makes the figure look slimmer. Purple, on the other hand, is a colour many girls like because it enhances the figure.

Important details

Sexy lingerie can be complemented with different details and accessories to complete your look. For example, a belt with suspenders creates a complete visual image. But it is suitable for ladies who wear stockings. The product range includes interesting tights for ladies who are not used to socks.

There is always a demand for men's joke thongs - "Bunny", "Mouse", "Parrot", "Elephant" or "Giraffe" (as well as other designs), women's "Kitty Suits", women's underwear with a variety of daring slits, as well as costumes for erotic role-play!

When choosing underwear, it is important that it is not vulgar. It's simply a matter of looking in the mirror to see how things look and the overall image they create. The only way to choose the optimum underwear is to practice.